Best types of coffee


Coffee is a universally appreciated drink. People all over the world like to satisfy their taste buds and their need for energy with various types of mocha. The difference between several sorts of coffee is given by the way you brew it. To determine the best way of drinking this beverage would be extremely difficult and a bit unfair to the tens of methods of preparing coffee. Nevertheless, we have compiled a short list containing the most popular types of coffee out there:

Turkish coffee

The name of brew does not refer to the origin of the beans, but rather to the geographic area where the method of preparing it was invented. To make Turkish coffee, you need freshly roasted beans that have been ground to a fine powder, which you boil in fresh water with added sugar. This type of coffee is prevalent in Asia, Eastern Europe, and North Africa.


Espresso is Italian for “Express, ” and it defines this kind of mocha perfectly: a quick, express bullet of dark power. When you order an espresso, prepare to savor a tiny drop of coffee that holds the aroma and the energy contained in a fist full of roasted beans. This type of coffee is popular all over the world, but especially in Southern Europe and the US.


The most famous coffee brew in the Western world is a tasty beverage that contains less caffeine and more sweetness than your average cup of hot mixture. Cappuccino is named after the Capuchin friars and their light-brown clothes. This type of coffee is an espresso with added milk and milk foam. The result is a delicious brew very popular among young adults.

Caffé Latte

If you like your coffee to taste more like a warm milkshake, but to give you still an energy boost, you should try a Caffé Latte. This brew is prepared with steamed milk and foam, and in some regions even whipped cream is added to the mix. Caffé Latte is the ideal type of coffee for a post-lunch Sunday afternoon.